In today’s business environments, information technology (IT) has become a crucial part of the success of organisations. At Cloud360, in our experience, we often hear the terms IT and ICT used interchangeably, but what do these terms actually mean and are there any differences between them?

What does IT mean?

IT stands for Information Technology. When we talk about IT, we are talking about the collection, storage, processing, management and dissemination of information through computer systems. We are talking about hardware as well as software, but also networks and the entire infrastructure.

What does ICT mean?

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. When we talk about ICT, we mean using technology to process and transfer information. ICT includes telecommunications, internet, audiovisual processing and all kinds of digital communication.

What is the difference between IT and ICT?

The terms ICT and IT are very often mixed up, and while the differences are subtle, there is a distinction to be made between the two. IT emphasises the technology needed to manage information, while ICT is a broader term that includes technology for communication. So while IT is a more specialised term and focuses on the efficiency of data processing and information management within an organisation, ICT also adds communication tools that allow organisations to communicate efficiently. Think, for example, of e-mail, video calls or telecommunications for internal and external use.

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Cloud360: innovation in IT

Within the world of IT, we at Cloud360 strive to be a progressive and specialised service provider. Cloud360’s main focus is on cloud services and migrations, allowing organisations to benefit from a service provider that can guide and execute these processes from head to head. We also specialise in AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) environments.

The future of IT

Cloud services have quite transformed the way organisations use IT services over the past decade or so. Instead of relying on local services and infrastructure (on premise), the cloud provides access to all required resources over the internet. This opens doors and benefits in terms of scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency, where you can save on IT costs as an organisation. At Cloud360, we understand the importance of this transformation and therefore offer customised cloud solutions and services to suit your company’s unique needs.

Migrations with high accuracy

One of the challenges many organisations are currently facing is the transition from a traditional IT infrastructure on premise to the cloud. The migration process requires careful planning, execution and optimisation. At Cloud360, we guide organisations through that complex process, ensuring that data and data are safely and correctly migrated and preserved. We also ensure that all the benefits of the cloud are optimised for your organisation’s needs and requirements.

The benefits of Cloud360 IT services

As an organisation, why choose Cloud360 as an IT service provider in a large market with many players? This particularly focuses on quality, innovation, personal commitment and also a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • Expertise and experience: Cloud360 has deep expertise in cloud technology and IT migrations. We dedicate ourselves to finding solutions to the unique challenge your organisation faces. We therefore always deliver tailor-made solutions that match an organisation’s goals and requirements.
  • Commitment: At Cloud360, of course, the customer is the focus. We strive to get a very good feel and understanding of each organisation’s goals and needs. Our goal is to create solutions that not only match but exceed current goals and are future-proof. Moreover, we like personal contact; a simple email or phone call sometimes works wonders. So no unwieldy IT organisation, but the personal involvement of a specialist who really knows your company’s wants and needs.
  • Innovation and future-proofing: We already briefly mentioned it, but at Cloud360, we think it is very important to be innovative and future-proof. In IT, developments happen extremely quickly and today’s solutions will be obsolete tomorrow. We therefore work on solutions that are flexible and scalable; after all, your organisation’s needs may also change. We invest ourselves in research and development of our own knowledge and understanding of technological developments so that we can always continue to offer modern and effective solutions.

So the worlds of IT and ICT are closely related, but there are differences. It is important to be aware of this to know what services your organisation actually needs. Cloud360 provides IT expertise and solutions, with a strong focus on cloud services and migrations, but we also often act as a strategic partner for organisations

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